Bombus Energy is a manufacturer of fruit bars of the highest quality without added sugar, preservatives or lactose. Bombus enables a quick intake of healthy energy for all active people, but also for people with health limitations and alternative diet enthusiasts. The company headquarters are located in Krnov. The interiors accurately reflect its respect for nature and inclination towards a healthy lifestyle. The offices are in the spirit of greenery and natural materials, complemented by lighting from U1 lighting

The name of realization Bombus Energy
The city of realization Krnov
Lighting U1 lighting
The architect/ designer U1 interiors
The year of realization 2022
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The Bombus offices combine 3 elements: nature, innovation and technology. The theme of nature is directly derived from Bombus products and manifests itself not only in the plants and wooden surfaces, but also in the overall approach to environmental quality. There is indeed a lot of natural light in the building, thanks to the glass walls, which creates optimal lighting conditions for work. Lighting is provided by XAL, Wever & Ducré, Halla and Lucis luminaires. All brands are united by high quality materials and economy.

XAL BASO 40 linear luminaires above the reception desk and by the green wall.
Decorative luminaires above the reception: Wever & Ducré DRO
Workplace lighting: Halla Rundo 600
Storage area lighting: Halla Vali
Dining room lighting: Lucis Semiluna

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