We brought playfulness into the MAKE platform offices with the Jane luminaire from Austrian manufacturer XAL.

The name of realization MAKE Offices
The place of realization Praha
Lighting U1 lighting
Architect/ designer YUAR
The year of realization 2022
Photographer David Kraus
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In the MAKE platform offices, we lit up the relaxation zones and living kitchens. MAKE is the former Czech company Integromat, which changed its name and logo at the beginning of 2022. Alongside this, its product - a platform used to connect third-party services and websites - also underwent a change. The company has a strong, yet playful identity. The creators describe their approach to building as bringing as much joy to the experience as the solution. There are no limits to what is possible.

This playfulness and flexibility was supported by the lighting design that we chose. For this, the Jane luminaire from Austrian manufacturer XAL served us perfectly. This is because it is a highly flexible rope made of food-grade silicone that can be twisted, coiled and shaped at will. We went down the route of building random, loose compositions that bring unbridled creativity to the space.

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