The office building in Prague on Rohanský ostrov was completed in August 2005. Its distinctive feature is the facade of green Brazilian granite. It also impresses with its generous atrium, which features a spectacular spiral staircase, glass elevators, staircases and catwalks, which at the same time distribute air and enhance the natural chimney effect of the two-level atrium ventilation. Nile House is the first building in the country to achieve the highest LEED Platinum certification.


Jméno realizace Nile House
Město realizace Praha
Osvětlení U1 lighting
Architekt / designer YUAR, Land05 – Ateliér zahradní a krajinářské architektury
Rok realizace 2022
Fotograf Jan Slavíček
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For Nile House we provided lighting for the atrium and adjacent entrance. As the environmental policy of the building already implies, the emphasis was on maximum efficiency of the whole solution. However, thanks to modern technology, this requirement is not mutually exclusive with the creation of impressive lighting scenes. In the entrance, the spotlights are complemented by the Trick luminaire from the Italian brand iGuzzini. Its 180° range allows for a perfect rendering of the space. Trick caters to modern lighting requirements - it can be used to guide the viewer's gaze or to highlight products or architectural elements. The atrium itself houses luminaires for outdoor lighting and garden lighting by Wever & Ducré.

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