Pure Storage is an American technology company that develops data storage software. In U1 lighting we realized design lighting of its Prague offices. The project is specific to the use of a large number of custom-made luminaires.

Name of realization Pure Storage
The place of realization Praha Karlín
Lighting U1 lighting
Architect/ designer Cushman&Wakefield, Ing. Arch. Dominik Syrový
The year of realization 2022
The photographer MgA. Aleš Jungmann, QEP
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The company's identity is underlined by a luminaire in the shape of the Pure Storage logo located in the atrium social area. Other areas of the company also feature custom-made neon signs and patterns in colours and materials according to its identity. This enhances the company's culture.

All the luminaires are dimmable and controlled by DALI system, which allows them to be linked to other devices and then control the intensity based on the amount of natural light.

The linear LED luminaires in the corridor add sophistication to the space. In conjunction with the mirrors, they play an optical game with the space. They seem to enlarge the corridor and give the impression of describing a 180° arc, creating a light tunnel effect


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