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Jméno realizace Siemens Mobility
Město realizace Praha
Osvětlení U1 lighting
Architekt / designer YUAR
Rok realizace 2020
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Siemens Mobility

Together with the architects from YUAR studio, we participated in the realization of the conference centre, which is conceived as a space within a space. In the middle of the room there is a so-called "meeting box" with a capacity of up to 200 people, which is designed for conferences, events and smaller meetings. The specific feature of the "meeting box" is its high variability - it can be divided into up to 5 smaller, fully equipped rooms. Its lighting is therefore provided by UNICO luminaires, which allow you to program different lighting scenarios. TUBO luminaires are placed on the ceiling in the adjacent room. Thanks to their tubular shape, they radiate light evenly and blend in with the interior's technical character.

PHOTO: David Kraus

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