Solitea develops software that helps tradesmen, companies, corporations and public institutions to better manage their legislative and daily work agenda. The company's merger required the creation of a space to meet the company's new requirements.

Jméno realizace Solitea
Město realizace Brno
Dodavatel interiéru U1, s.r.o.
Osvětlení U1 lighting
Architekt / designer U1, s.r.o.
Investor Solitea a.s.
Rok realizace 2020
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The basic feature of the design is the corporate blue colour, which is dominant in the common areas. On the other hand, the working environment is chosen in muted earthy colours. This combination is complemented by wooden elements that unify and create an overlap of the individual spaces. Removed ceilings, acknowledging the building's support system, including the exposed ceiling structure, complete the overall atmosphere of the offices. The shape of the furnishings is accentuated by the black colour in an attempt not to distract the users of the space.

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