Solitea was formed by the merger of leading IT companies spread across seven European countries. Its software solutions are mainly used in the areas of payment, accounting, business and other systems. It also deals with data analytics, system productivity and turnkey systems development.

Jméno realizace Solitea Praha
Město realizace Praha
Dodavatel interiéru U1, s.r.o.
Osvětlení U1 lighting
Architekt / designer U1, s.r.o.
Rok realizace 2020
Osvětlení U1 lighting
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The new offices were built in the modern building of Rustonka in Karlin and became a new, common home for the entire Prague part of the company. The interior is designed as a clean and uncluttered, yet inspiring and welcoming space. To fulfil this intention, visually unambiguous, simple elements in terms of shape and colour are used - wooden tiles, blue painting and upholstery, carpet surfaces, office furniture combined with distinctive elements in the form of seating and wardrobe furniture, lighting fixtures, etc. Spatially, the interior consists of smaller open plan offices separated by inset meeting rooms, closed offices, lounge areas and telephone booths. In the central area there are kitchenettes, day rooms and other facilities.

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