Together with the ORA studio, we revitalized the wine bar of the Reisten winery, located in the South Moravian town of Pavlov. The space is dominated by a huge ellipse-shaped chandelier, which forms the visual identity of the Reisten winery.

The name of realization The Reistein Vinery
The city of realization Pavlov
Lighting U1 lighting
The architect/ designer ORA
The year of realization 2021
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The revitalization of the wine bar was in the spirit of overall lightening and accentuation of materials. The architects at Studio ORA had opposing openings cut into the house, connecting the interior to the exterior. They stripped the surfaces of paint and let the natural colours and textures shine through.

The room is dominated by an elliptical hanging chandelier. The tables are illuminated by lamps by Jaroslav Bejvl Jr., whose shape refers to demijohns. The interior of the lounge was also part of the project. In it, the ceiling is designed with acoustic panels, which are covered with wooden slats with integrated lighting.

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