The Czech brand Halla has been on the market since 1992. It develops and manufactures quality LED interior lighting fixtures, where the priority is to combine design with top technical parameters. It uses its own lighting laboratory for development and cooperates with universities and scientific institutions. Halla technical luminaires are suitable for a wide range of interiors, from businesses to. retaurants and homes.

U1 lighting and Halla luminaires

Halla LIPO80 linear luminaires illuminated the entrance area of Amazon Prague, Halla RUNDO ceiling luminaires complement the lighting of the dining room in Sherwood Digital. In Bombus Energy, Halla Rundo 600 luminaires illuminate workplaces, and the storage area is lit by Halla Vali luminaires. In the Řepy shopping centre we chose adjustable Halla Fini luminaires to achieve a shadow-free effect, which we combined with Halla Ture downlights.

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