U1 Lighting partners

Our partners represent design and technical excellence so we are pleased to guarantee the quality, originality and economy of the products.

We exclusively represent the following brands in the Czech Republic.

Italian manufacturer of indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures. An exclusive brand characterized by contemporary design, quality, innovation and technology

The manufacturer of design lighting from Switzerland emphasizes functionality and aesthetics. Luminaires manufactured with exceptional care, suitable for private and commercial use.

The best of the Czech glassmaking tradition. Hand-blown glass, impressive innovations and experiments. Portfolio of functional lighting fixtures, decorative objects and lighting for architects.

Light as a poem. Ingo Maurer is a manufacturer of unmistakable design luminaires, many of which have become legends. He combines function and artistic approach in his products.

Quality outdoor lighting from Italy. Outdoor luminaires for architecture, landscapes, cities and private residences.

Design light from Světlá nad Sázavou. The Bomma glassworks creates hand-blown lamps in cooperation with the best Czech designers.

Lighting for professionals, lighting for the home and IoT lighting are all part of the range offered by Signify, formerly known as Philips.

Italian manufacturer of interior lights, outdoor lighting and smart lighting. iGuzzini develops its own smart systems that allow, for example, remote control of lights from a mobile phone.

Flexxica is a Polish manufacturer of multifunctional office lighting. It focuses mainly on the production of acoustic luminaires and the implementation of green elements.

Refined Italian design. Nemo lighting produces decorative and architectural lamps. The Masters collection is a collection of the best from icons like Le Corbusier.

Přední italská značka si stanovila za cíl oslovit veřejnost stylovým osvětlením podle nejvyšších standardů. Kombinace estetiky a inovací.

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