The Greek company, based in Thessaloniki, is a family-run business that has been active in the lighting market for almost 55 years. It creates quality technical and design lighting for use in spaces including banks, hospitals, shopping and sports centres, boutiques and restaurants, industrial spaces and also offices with interior design features. 

U1 lighting and PETRIDIS luminaires

If you ever walk into the offices of JetBrains, raise your head. The Petridis CYCLONE ceiling lights are positioned above the reception desk so that the result resembles the shape of a brain. We have also worked with the Petridis CYCLONE ceiling light in EASIT's interiors, where it is located above the reception desk in a suspended version. Office lighting in conjunction with the Petridis brand has also been addressed at IBM. Here the ceilings are fitted with Petridis DISCUS luminaires. The lighting of the kitchen and dining room in PRICE FX is solved with Petridis CLUB luminaires.

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