NEKO lighting is a combination of European thinking and Asian efficiency. The founders of this company, originally from Switzerland and China, have been successful entrepreneurs in the lighting industry for several years. The combination of a European emphasis on quality and efficient manufacturing capabilities results in luminaires that meet the requirements for quality and high utility value while maintaining a competitive price.

U1 lighting and NEKO luminaires

NEKO technical luminaires are popularly used to illuminate canteens and restaurants to ensure appropriate food presentation. Good light promotes taste. For Sherwood Digital, we chose NEKO spotlights to complement the designer lighting in the kitchen and above the reception area. For the interiors of Spojka Karlín we chose NEKO MIU-C and NEKO FOCUS, and for the Passage Hotel we chose NEKO KENZO. In the restaurant and pension U Hradu the lighting is designed with NEKO FUSION and NEKO SENSE luminaires.

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