Jaroslav Bejvl Jr., a continuation of a family tradition dating back to 1962, is a well-known designer of lighting fixtures and installations that can be found all over the world - from prestigious hotels in the Middle East to the collections of Hollywood celebrities. Jaroslav Bejvel's creations are characterized by the use of traditional materials, historic craft techniques and state-of-the-art technology. His artwork has been featured three times on Commercial Interior Design magazine's 100 Objects of Desire list.

U1 lighting and lighting fixtures by Jaroslav Bejvla Jr.

We cooperated with Jaroslav Bejvl on the lighting of the Passage hotel in Brno. For the congress hall, he created two almost four-metre high chandeliers loosely related to the architecturally valuable space from the First Republic. The guest rooms are illuminated by his 450 design luminaires and in the small atrium hangs an atypical installation 25 m long. We also worked together on a project for a private residence in Hranice. The flock of birds by Jaroslav Bejvel Jr. was illuminated with Wever & Ducré luminaires mounted in a bar. In the case of the Reisten winery in Pavlov, Jaroslav Bejvl Jr. designed luminaires whose shape was inspired by the morphology of a demijohn.

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