Moravian square in Brno

The park on the Moravian square in the centre of Brno has undergone a radical transformation for the first time since the 1970s. Six years of planning and eight months of reconstruction resulted in a modern, well-lit park zone with new technologies, a café and a playground for children. A distinctive feature is the changing water surface, which can take the form of a surface, mist jets or classic fountains. The lighting of each individual segment, i.e. the water area, seating elements and café, was provided by the U1 lighting team.

The name of realization Moravian square
The city of realization Brno
Lighting U1 lighting
Architekt / designer Consequence forma architects
The year of realization 2023
The photographer Tomáš Loutocký
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When conceptualizing the lighting design for the reconstruction of the park on the Moravian square, we tried to take full advantage of the possibilities of modern exterior and interior lighting fixtures. We used them to support the functions of the park and at the same time create a pleasant evening atmosphere. Both the exterior and interior luminaires emit warm light and have low glare. The backlighting of the circular bench was a spectacular solution, creating a dominant light line that follows the water surface.

In the project we used outdoor luminaires from the Italian manufacturer iGuzzini. In the interior we used luminaires from Wever & Ducré and Viabizzuno. The back of the café is illuminated by custom glass neon from a local manufacturer. The luminaires used combine quality product design and excellent lighting parameters.

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