How to choose lighting for the office? For PPG Industries' offices, we were dealing not only the appropriate color and intensity of light, but also acoustical requirements. Get inspiration on how acoustic luminaires can improve your office conditions.

Name of realization PPG
The city of realization Brno
Lighting U1 lighting
The year of realization 2022
The photographer Tomáš Loutocký
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Design luminaires for offices

PPG Industries' mission is to beautify the world, so we approached lighting design to reflect the creative soul of the company. We lit up the office space with striking design fixtures. In particular, the Orbital pendant lamps from Czech manufacturer Bomma attract attention. Each Orbital lamp is made of hand-blown crystal glass. Also worth mentioning is the multifunctional Flexxica - Jungle lamp, which functions as a source of soft light and a flowerpot. The shades are deliberately slightly oversized to provide a suitable background for the plants. The whole composition works seamlessly in the daytime, but stands out most when lit. The series of design lamps is complemented by the minimalist XAL - ARY lamps above the dining room tables. In this case, the choice of specific colour options was determined by PPG colours.

Acoustic luminaires

To improve the acoustic conditions of the office, we placed a round Lexxica - Sphere luminaire with a padded acoustic panel above selected zones. The panel material absorbs sound well and improves speech intelligibility, which is essential for working in open plan offices. The acoustic panel is available in several colour options, however, with the client in mind, we chose the corporate blue here as well.

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