The Podloubí residence is a case of reconstruction that managed to mix original elements of a townhouse with modern requirements. The reconstruction created beautiful modern apartments, which are complemented by two commercial units on the ground floor. At U1 lighting we provided the complete lighting for the project: we supplied lighting for the apartments, lighting for the retail, lighting for the facade and lighting for the arcade.

The name of realization Residence Podloubí
The city of realization Krnov
Lighting U1 lighting
The year of realization 2022
The Investor REI Engineering, Ltd.
Photographer Tomáš Loutocký
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The Podloubí Residence is located in Krnov in the historical centre of the town on the Castle Square. After a precise reconstruction, there are eight apartments and two commercial units inside, where original historicizing elements are sensitively mixed with modern design. In the case of the lighting, it was necessary to choose solutions that were in keeping with the proposed approach and interior materials. We therefore chose simple, design-clean XAL luminaires, BEGA luminaires and Wever & Ducré luminaires as the basis for lighting the commercial and residential units.

In particular, we gave prominence to the cross-vaults on the ground floor and the arcade to highlight the unmistakable architecture of the site with indirect light. In the case of the residential units, on the other hand, it was essential to ensure sufficient direct light, which is mainly provided by modern ceiling luminaires.

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