Spojka Karlín is the first flexitarian restaurant in the Czech Republic. It is located in the Praga Office & Garden building by ADNS studio

The name of realization Spojka Karlín
The architect/ designer Vitalij Borisov
The city of realization Prague
The year of realization 2019
Lighting U1 lighting
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The Karlín Connection is based on several fundamental ideas. The restaurant wants to be a place that connects. A place where the food is prepared slowly, thoughtfully and with an emphasis on fresh local ingredients. This diversity and environmental friendliness is also represented by the interior, which was designed for the client by Ing. arch. Vitalij Borisov. He also had a clear idea of the lighting concept.

The lighting system of Spojka Karlín reflects the philosophy of diversity. As such, it includes design luminaires from leading European brands as well as XAL technical lighting. We provided both the lighting technical study and the actual delivery.

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