FTMO is a Czech company that offers aspiring forex traders access to capital. FTMO jumped by almost 40,000 percent between 2017 and 2020, when it started focusing on foreign markets. In 2021, it became the winner of Deloitte's Fast 50 ranking, which looks for the fastest growing companies in Central Europe. FTMO is headquartered in Prague, and it was there that U1 Lighting provided the lighting.

Jméno realizace FTMO
Město realizace Praha
Osvětlení U1 lighting
Architekt / designer YUAR
Rok realizace 2022
Fotograf David Kraus
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FTMO needed a larger office due to its very rapid growth, so it moved to the upper floors of the modern Quadrio Offices building in the historic centre of Prague. Although they operate worldwide and most of the traders are from the USA, it was necessary to provide a physical facility that also reflected the company's identity. The company is characterized by its predatory, modernity, dynamism and young employees accustomed to using modern technology. This challenge was taken up by the architects from the YUAR studio. They designed the offices as a place full of trends that never sleeps.

We lit the room, which functions as a meeting room and poker room, with Wästberg w151 Extra large pendant luminaires. The designers at Wästberg deliberately designed them in oversized to dramatic proportions, which is exactly what the nature of the zone demanded. The luminaires spread even light from a high-quality LED source. Its colour remains pure, unaffected by the colour of the shade.

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