The school in Rašovice was built in 1896. Although it was continuously repaired and underwent partial reconstructions, it was in need of a general overhaul after 2020. This included new premises for the school day care, a multimedia room, a cloakroom and repairs to the classrooms. The whole building needed to be fitted with new lighting. The process from design to complete implementation was handled by the U1 lighting team.

The name of realization Primary and kindergarten school Rašovice
The city of realization Rašovice
Lighting U1 lighting
The architect doc., Ing., arch. Milan Rak
The year of realization 2022
The photographer Martin Zeman
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The reconstruction has turned the school in Rašovice into a beautiful playful environment where colours and light play a significant role. The building currently comprises a primary school, a kindergarten and a nursery school. The spaces are used very actively and we have adapted the lighting selection accordingly. We chose purposeful, clean design luminaires with optimal parameters.


Lighting in the school and nursery

There is a large amount of natural light in the building, which is supplemented by artificial lighting. The corridors are lit by circular luminaires from the Czech manufacturer Halla. As the circle corresponds to the morphology of the windows, it also appears in the case of the luminaires in the cloakrooms.

The classrooms require more intense lighting that also creates a minimum of shadows. We therefore used Halla linear luminaires. In the project they are non-standardly routed across the full width of the room. This simple element creates a striking effect and, above all, provides the children with a quality background for learning and play. The lighting system is complemented by the XAL linear luminaire for illuminating the blackboards.

The luminaires throughout the building form a compact unit. They deliver excellent performance and are energy efficient thanks to LED light sources.

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