In U1 ligting we faced a new challenge: to light a kindergarten in Prague. It is located in the very heart of the metropolis in Jungmannova Street. It is a beautiful historical building with vaulted ceilings. We wanted to emphasize the architecture with the choice of lighting fixtures. At the same time, however, the primary goal was to provide the appropriate lighting intensity for the nursery project. A kindergarten is a complex environment in terms of luminaire design, where different lighting requirements need to be reconciled.

The name of realization Kindergarten Jungmannova
The city of realization Praha 1
Lighting U1 lighting
The architect/ designer TaK Architects
The year of realization 2022
The photographer Bc. Jan Kadlec
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Lighting from the hallway to the dining room

In collaboration with our partners, we have created a lighting design using XAL ceiling and wall lights. These are exceptional for their quality materials and precise workmanship. While XAL SASSO subtly illuminates the vaults, XAL TUBO serves as the main light source in the individual rooms. This luminaire stands out for its wide angle of illumination and even light distribution.

We have placed NEKO spotlights in the dressing rooms and sanitary facilities. The day rooms and staircases are illuminated by HALLA  pendant luminaires from the Rundo family. 

Illuminated intelligently

A kindergarten requires a healthy, well-lit environment. To ensure that the result is optimal at every time of day, we have supplemented the light sources with smart technology. The play areas and office are equipped with sensors that measure the intensity of daylight. They adjust the amount of artificial light in a given space according to the data obtained. This means that the luminaires do not shine unnecessarily brightly. Their intensity is continuously changed according to the measured data. This system is not only practical, but also economical and sustainable.

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