The clean, minimalist environment of the Kraví hora Wellness Centre provides ideal relaxation for body and soul. The biggest attraction for customers are the whirlpools and sauna world.

Name of realization Welness Kraví hora
The city of realization Brno
Lighting U1 lighting
Architect/ designer Ing.arch. Eduard Štěrbák
The year of realization 2022
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A luminous starry sky hovers over the whole space. To illuminate it, custom-made LIGHTRONIC luminaires were used in a special shape that creates the effect of glowing stars. Custom LIGHTRONIC linear luminaires are also used to illuminate the wood-paneled corridor, which provides the perfect contrast to the grey spaces. The lounge area features a moss wall that brings another piece of nature to the area. The NEKO Kenzo spotlights make it stand out. The main lighting is complemented by circular Halla Ravo luminaires.


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